Auburn Hills: Have We Got a Pilates Studio for You!

Hello Auburn Hills! We invite you to come check out our Reforming Foundations Pilates studios. Easy to get to and welcoming to all, Reforming Foundations is the perfect home for all who share a love of Pilates. Our close-knit group of individuals follows our founder Brooke Alexandra, whose philosophy is based on the teachings of Joseph Pilates and the belief that Pilates should be accessible for everyone and every body.   


Available Pilates Classes

We recommend you begin your Pilates practice with the Foundations and Core Stability classes. Core Stability helps strengthen the spinal support muscles to achieve a neutral spine while performing challenging movements with your legs and arms. When you learn to hold your spine neutral during exercises, you develop a baseline for subsequent Pilates classes that increase the mobility of your spine. We offer a variety of classes on Balanced Body™ Pilates equipment, including the beloved Pilates reformer, Pilates chair, and the Pilates Springboard™ developed by Ellie Herman. All of the Reforming Foundations classes utilize this equipment. These machines can look intimidating! But you will quickly become comfortable with the guidance of our skilled and intuitive teachers, who lead the following classes:


Highly focused private instruction with one of our Nationally Certified Pilates Trainers who will custom-tailor a program to fit your specific needs and concerns.


Duet sessions in a semi-private setting. This allows for more attention than a group setting and provides an individualized experience with your partner or friend. These 50-minute classes are efficient and focused, enabling you to get in a great burn and make the most of your time. It is perfect for those who Pilates and want to share it with someone!


A slower, more methodically paced Pilates class. Foundations classes are helpful for learning intentional movement that improves coordination, addresses asymmetries, and improves posture. The pace is deliberate, with many explanations surrounding the transitions, but it is not an easy Pilates class. Foundations will test your mind-body connections.


A moderately paced class focused on strength. The pace is a notch up from Foundations, offering fewer explanations and it flows using transitional movements. Reform is ideal for those who have mastered Pilates technique and want to focus on strength, endurance, balance, and flow. It will give you a total body burn and bring your muscles to fatigue as you move through challenging, sustained Pilates sequences.


An accelerated Pilates class with higher intensity movements and very quick transitions. With a focus on flow, strength, stability, and stamina, Power classes utilize the jumpboard, providing a cardio workout in addition to improving your core strength and stability. Every muscle group will be fatigued! This class is for those who are already familiar with the movements and don’t need as much explanation as offered in slower-paced classes.


An 80-minute version of our Reform class. It allows for ample warm-up, more intense burn, and a longer stretching session afterward. If you love our Reform class but feel that you just want a little bit more, Precision will be a great fit.

Core Stability:

As it sounds, this class focuses on maintaining proper spinal alignment as you move and perform challenging movements with your extremities. It teaches you one of the most subtly crucial elements of Pilates: a neutral spine. When you learn to have a neutral spine, you will be able to hold your body in a way that creates the least amount of stress on your surrounding muscles and bones. This drastically improves your quality of life, even as you just go about your daily routine.


A methodically paced class practiced on a mat and a chair without equipment. Without the guidance of equipment for precision and support, Gyrokinesis classes rely on proprioception and are suitable for people from all walks of life. Athletes, senior citizens, those recovering from injuries, and Pilates experts benefit from this class. Gyrokinesis will have you feeling more aware of your own body and your flexibility, agility, and balance.

Pilates & Barre:

A fusion of Pilates and barre movements, this fun class allows small isolated movements to fatigue the muscles and create a large-range motion that elevates the heart rate. It sequences these techniques to incorporate your upper and lower body movements seamlessly.


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Our Pilates Community

Reforming Foundations is the brainchild of founder Brooke Alexandra. Her quest to bring Pilates to each body began in her garage in 2014, then moved to our Reforming Foundations studio in 2017. In 2022, Reforming Foundations opened up two additional locations in Rochester and Milford. Her life’s work grew the Reforming Foundation tribe, which is now a thriving community where skilled movement is taught, felt, learned, honed, and embodied. Her Pilates program is built on the teachings of Joseph Pilates. It uses Pilates reformers and other equipment to stretch, strengthen, and align the body. Joseph Pilates believed every human should do Pilates every day to build a healthy immune system, strengthen the skeletal system, exercise the pulmonary and cardiovascular systems, and provide mobility to the muscular system. The people of Reforming Foundations come from a wide range of backgrounds and skill levels. Those who call Reforming Foundations home include athletes needing to prevent and recover from injuries, grandparents who want to be better able to keep up with their grandchildren, people needing post-rehab physical therapy, and those who simply want to better their health. At Reforming Foundations, our goal is to make Pilates attainable for every body.

Our Instructors



The founder and owner of Reforming Foundations, Brooke is an enthusiastic teacher. Brooke’s Pilates instruction is exquisitely tailored to every person – from the fit professional to the everyday grandparent. Loving a challenge, she is thoroughly trained for Pilates athletic conditioning and sports rehabilitation. Brooke is detail oriented and loves to teach about the human body. In each session, you will learn more about yourself than ever before. Passionate about sharing her knowledge, she has created a unique body of instructors who all work together as a cohesive team.



Kellie started her health and wellness journey several years ago. Through changes to her diet and exercise, she has transformed her life and is now helping others do the same! Her ultimate goal is to inspire others to also become the best version of themselves and feel their best. On her path to healthier living, she discovered Pilates and instantly fell in love with the movement. Kellie decided to share her love for Pilates and healthy living by becoming a certified Pilates instructor. She is eager to share the health benefits she has gained from consistent Pilates practice and training programs. She has an extensive dance background too.



Angela came to Pilates to help rehabilitate her own Diastasis Recti postpartum. She found a special niche here at Reforming Foundations, helping clients learn to activate deep abdominals to client pelvic floor dysfunction. While she specializes in Diastasis Recti and Pelvic Floor health, don’t let this sweet, quirky face fool you! In finding her own strength, she loves to deliver a solid athletic experience.



Barb describes herself as a Pilates nerd! She holds several Pilates certifications and has attended numerous specialization workshops around the country. Barb is always looking to learn more about the Pilates method to help people feel their best. Finding balance, strength and confidence is always a goal for clients during a class or one-on-one session. She is passionate about translating the Pilates movement into everyday life, helping clients to do more of what they love outside the studio and teaching people the “why” behind the method.

Location Information:

Reforming Foundations Pilates & Wellness
3044 West 12 Mile
Berkley, MI 48072
(248) 439-0990

Studio Hours:

Monday – Thursday
6:00 a.m. – 8:30 p.m.

6:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

6:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

9:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

Auburn Hills Pilates

Reforming Foundations Pilates is easy to get to from Auburn Hills. Those wishing to begin or further their Pilates practice will find us to be an excellent local resource for doing so!
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