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Nationally Certified Pilates Instructor

Lisa first discovered Pilates after suffering a spine injury in a car accident that changed her life forever. After declining to have back surgery, many months of traditional treatment did not help her regain the function she lost. However, after her first Pilates session, she was finally able to experience her first pain free moments after many months of struggle. This experience inspired Lisa to learn the Pilates method for her own survival, and in doing so she started to thrive. With a B.S. in Sports Medicine, a certification as an athletic trainer (ATC), and having worked as a certified orthopedic technologist (OTC), Lisa has a depth of knowledge and experience that makes her a master in the Pilates industry. While living overseas for 16 years and not always able to speak the native language, she found that Pilates connected her to communities through the language of movement! Lisa specializes in helping clients struggling with pain and/or movement issues due to orthopedic, neurological or unknown reasons. Her purpose is to help people take steps forward, toward freedom and fulfillment in their bodies. She will meet you where you are today knowing that today might be a step forward or a step back from yesterday. You will take those steps together, always with positivity and the reassurance that each visit is a reward for both teacher and student…sometimes the teacher is the student.