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Certified Instructor

To quote Sam, “I just love Pilates so much!” You will feel this joy and depth of experience from our recent RF School of Pilates graduate and new instructor who has lived this movement in her body for over 15 years! Sam has kept her Pilates practice as the one constant in all of her movement practices. She loves how it makes her feel and found improvements in her posture, balance, strength, and body mechanics. Sam will tell you Pilates challenges her, and assists in recovery from day-to-day life or at times even injury. As Sam got more serious about her study of Pilates, she became convinced of the power of the mind-body connection. You’ll hear her say, “Pilates is about the long-game. The work you put in today, and consistently, will not only show up in the immediate improvement and strength, but also in 10-15 years.” We couldn’t agree more! With Pilates you’ll find yourself leading your peers in quality of life regarding movement. It’s never too late to start reaping the benefits! Sam’s teaching style is meeting you where you’re at at any given moment. Pilates can be customized to be so incredibly versatile — from mobility-focused to a killer workout— we can offer it all. Sam will always bring a lively spirit, keep it spicy and hopefully keep you coming back for more. Sam is a self proclaimed obsessive dog parent and is getting married later this year!

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