COVID-Safe Pilates Pods

We are excited to offer Pilates Pods; our take on semi-private group training! Each Pod is limited to 4 people and will be tailored to the goals and needs of the participants. Pods are committed enrollments that last for 4 weeks. This means you will be moving with the same group of individuals for the length of the enrollment. We believe this is the safest way to still offer an opportunity to stay connected and move together as a community.

Pilates Pods Your Way


Join a Pilates Pod

Join one of our pre-scheduled Pilates Pod sessions with the available day, time and instructor of your choice and get back to your Pilates routine safely. We are committed to providing the highest level of COVID safety precautions possible!

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Create Your Own Pilates Pod

Your entire group will receive 20% off your first 4-week Pod enrollment. Just gather your group and contact us with the names of your group members and your preferred day(s) and time(s).

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Pilates Pods Weekly Schedule

Our weekly in-studio group classes are temporarily replaced with Pilates Pods until further notice.


6:30 AM Rebecca
8:30 AM Michelle
6:30 PM Angela


6:30 AM Stacey
8:00 AM Stacey
4:30 PM Michelle


6:30 AM Angela
8:30 AM Stacey
5:30 PM Angela
6:30 PM Rychee


6:30 AM Angela
8:30 AM Angela
11:30 AM Brooke
5:30 PM Brooke


6:30 AM Michelle
8:30 AM Stacey


9:30 AM Alternating Instructor
10:30 AM Alternating Instructor

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Pilates Pods FAQs

Who Are Pilates Pods For?

Our goal in creating Pilates Pods was to produce a safe alternative for all those who were previously attending classes. Pods are perfect for anyone looking to receive personalized training in a COVID safe group training environment.

What Makes Pilates Pods Different From Classes?

Pods are limited to 4 persons to maintain strict COVID safety precautions. Unlike classes, Pods do not have a set theme but are tailored to the needs and goals of those attending.

Why Are Pilates Pods More Costly Than Classes?

We are striving to keep our community together in the safest way possible while keeping our studio doors open. Each Pod has fewer clients than classes and are customized according to the needs of those attending.

Are Standing Enrollments Required?

In short, no. Our intention is to have the same group of individuals moving throughout the month. We understand that life happens, so, standing enrollments are no longer required, but are encouraged.


We offer movement strategies to help you do the things you love to do.

Reforming Foundations is a perfect fit for every body at any age to increase their strength, endurance and flexibility while improving their mind body connection and developing a long-term healthier lifestyle. So give us a click or stop on by, whichever works best for you!

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