Getting Started with Pilates

We believe that small details create a large impact. Our classical exercises were developed by Joseph Pilates who observed, “A few, well-designed movements properly performed in a balanced sequence are worth hours of doing sloppy calisthenics or forced contortions.” For beginners, our sessions are designed to help you build a strong, solid foundation for your entire Pilates journey.


Get Started! One-On-One Sessions

Start your journey on the right foot with three 50-minute Private Sessions with one of our Nationally Certified Pilates Trainers.

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Get Started! Duet Package

These three 50-minute Sessions are a great way to begin your Pilates journey with a friend and continue receiving individual care while moving beyond one-on-one work. Our duet sessions will set your Pilates practice up for long-term success and help you decide whether you want to continue with duets or join a pod.

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Get Started! Pod Package

Enjoy group sessions but not sure if Pilates Pods are for you? This is a great package to get you started – we know you will fall in love! Pilates Pods get you moving in a safe, semi-private group setting. Prior Pilates Equipment Experience Required.

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We offer movement strategies to help you do the things you love to do.

Reforming Foundations is a perfect fit for every body at any age to increase their strength, endurance and flexibility while improving their mind body connection and developing a long-term healthier lifestyle. So give us a click or stop on by, whichever works best for you!

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