What is Pilates?

Pilates is a method of alignment-based strength and conditioning that focuses on breathing techniques, controlled movement, learning to move from your center, creating a mind body connection, and moving with precision and flow. Whether you choose a One-on-One or a Group experience, we emphasize these principles in every visit.

What are the machines all about?

At Reforming Foundations, we focus on the movement and use the equipment as a tool to help you feel your body, rather than focusing on using the equipment to devise a standardized workout.

We use all the Pilates apparatus and many more fun props to rig-up every possible configuration to customize each exercise to your body. Pilates equipment is brilliantly designed and modified to create both the support and resistance you need to feel exercises correctly for your unique body. We like to say the equipment creates an ideal “environment” for your body to feel challenged without the strain.

Our skilled instructors understand how each and every Pilates exercise differs on each piece of equipment and what muscle and movement connections you’ll feel on each. One machine isn’t “harder” than another if it is used correctly.

Sometimes, lighter springs are more challenging because there is less resistance. This requires you to control the movement with your deepest stabilizing muscles. Your instructor will provide suggestions for spring settings for each exercise. The springs help you feel smooth, controlled movement and they provide feedback about your body’s positioning in space, and they’re ideal for helping you feel correct form as you move.

Not every exercise will be slow, but they should always be smooth and controlled from beginning to end. Nothing should hurt or feel straining.


Pilates is one of the best forms of movement you can do before and after having a baby. It is a safe and powerful way to target your pelvic floor and deep abdominal muscles while gaining hip mobility. Pilates is easily adjustable so you can practice throughout your entire pregnancy.

Clothing Attire

Athletic clothing, as well as sticky socks, are required. No jeans, zippers or buttons are permitted as these can damage the vinyl. New clients receive complimentary sticky socks with the purchase of their first package. Light clothing or a robe is required for the Infrared Sauna.

Cell Phone & Wearable Technology

Cell phones are not permitted in class. All cell phones must be turned off or on silent mode and stored in your locker during class. All wearable tech must be set to “Do Not Disturb” prior to the beginning of class.


Please be on time!

Your instructor has planned your session according to your scheduled time. Please call/text studio to notify of your tardiness, then we won’t worry that you got into a car accident along the way!


Reforming Foundations adheres to a strict 24-hour cancellation policy.

Cancellations within this time period are considered a short-notice cancellation and will result in a lost session. If you feel you have a special circumstance, please send an email to: noshow@reformingfoundations.com


Life happens and sometimes we need to make adjustments in our instructor schedule. Instructors may change at short notice.