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Reforming Foundations Infrared Pilates Classes are back starting January 2, 2023! We’re proud to be Michigan’s first and only infrared Pilates studio. We are excited to bring back mat Pilates and amp it up with infrared technology. Think HOT PILATES!

Now is the time to discover for yourself a more diverse workout routine, improved circulation and an improved range of motion.

*Sticky socks are not required. Hot “yoga” towel is recommended. Water bottle required! Please enter the Infrared studio off of12 Mile Rd. The door is east of the classroom entrance. Please note, no late arrivals will be admitted. Doors will be locked at the class start time for safety.

Adding Infrared to a workout is more than just a fad, it’s a dynamic way to further energize the process of improving your well-being. Infrared is an unseen light that penetrates your skin, heating the very core of your body. Combined with Pilates, it loosens your muscles faster, reducing your warm-up and recovery time. This results in a more robust routine and wider range of motion. While the room does feel “hot”, averaging 95-105 degrees, the light waves heat up your tissues to produce an increased body temperature resulting in an incredible workout experience.

Infrared’s deep penetration boosts blood circulation, feeding your cells more oxygen and resulting in a powerfully detoxifying sweat, flushing out harmful toxins from deep inside your body. The improved circulation supercharges many of your body’s anabolic processes, the process of building organs and tissues, including an increase in muscle mass as well as the growth and mineralization of bone.


Infrared is a gentle, warm penetrating light wave, the same energy emitted from the Sun.


Infrared penetrates deep into your core, skin and muscles, unleashing a host of benefits.


Combined with Pilates, infrared helps muscles relax and warm up faster, creating greater flexibility.


Infrared stimulates blood flow, reduces soreness, speeds up recovery, and reduces joint pain.



We are amping up the Pilates Mat repertoire with a detoxifying boost of Infrared heat. Our high-energy, endurance-building workout will get your muscles shaking and leave you dripping in sweat and leaving class fully energized.

With Infrared heat the body works to cool itself, there is a substantial increase in heart rate, cardiac output, and metabolic rate, causing the body to burn calories. In this 50-minute class, you will burn around 600 calories, promoting weight loss, strength and endurance.

Not recommend for:
Any active injuries, osteoporosis, herniated discs, pregnancy, high blood pressure or other cardiovascular or neurological conditions. Exercise in extreme temps (hot or cold) places stress on the cardiovascular system.

Berkley studio only … for now!

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Reforming Foundations is a perfect fit for every body at any age to increase their strength, endurance and flexibility while improving their mind body connection and developing a long-term healthier lifestyle.

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