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Experience precision-focused Pilates at RF across three Metro Detroit locations, with small class sizes ensuring individual attention. Whether it’s equipment-based sessions with reformers, towers, chairs, and more, or Infrared Pilates Bodyweight & Props classes in the dedicated room at our Berkley studio, we cater to your diverse needs. Join us to refine your practice, strengthen your body, and connect with your core – RF is where you belong.



We are amping up the Pilates Mat repertoire with a detoxifying boost of Infrared heat. Our high-energy, endurance-building workout will get your muscles shaking and leave you dripping in sweat and leaving class fully energized.

With Infrared heat the body works to cool itself, there is a substantial increase in heart rate, cardiac output, and metabolic rate, causing the body to burn calories. In this 50-minute class, you will burn around 600 calories, promoting weight loss, strength and endurance.

Not recommend for:
Any active injuries, osteoporosis, herniated discs, pregnancy, high blood pressure or other cardiovascular or neurological conditions. Exercise in extreme temps (hot or cold) places stress on the cardiovascular system.

Berkley studio only … for now!


We are slowing down and intensifying our mat Pilates Restore class and adding the detoxifying boost of Infrared heat. Infrared heat penetrates the tissues, joints, and muscles. This helps to relieve soreness, fatigue and promotes muscle recovery. Find mobility, flexibility, and time to feel yourself in each move as your instructor helps you focus on your breath, your mindset and your wellbeing. Feel recovered and rejuvenated in this 50-minute infrared class!

Equipment Classes



This dynamic Pilates Circuit class utilizes all three major Pilates apparatuses – the Reformer, Trapeze Table, and Chair – to provide a full-body workout in a group setting. The class flows seamlessly between each piece of equipment with timed transitions, challenging participants with a varied sequence of movements. By circulating between the Reformer, Trapeze Table and Chair, this class targets the entire body from head to toe. The instructor will guide you through the timed circuit, focused on core strength, flexibility, balance and overall body conditioning. This challenging circuit class will keep you moving and get your heart pumping!

Prerequisites: 3 Individual Pilates Sessions or 4 Intro to Pilates classes or previous Pilates equipment experience.



This class is for you if you’re looking for intentional, core challenging movement that improves your coordination, addresses asymmetries, and helps you gain better posture and overall alignment. Expect a phenomenal total body workout that challenges your balance and stability in multiple body positions and kicks your butt all without the use of spinal movement!

Core Stability was created with every BODY in mind in order to provide an accessible class experience for those who have a history of spinal pathology (degenerative disc disease, stenosis, sciatica, scoliosis, spinal surgery, osteoporosis, etc.) and need to maintain a neutral spine to prevent a flare-up. But don’t be fooled, this class is for everyone. Spinal stability is just as important as spinal mobility!

Prerequisites: 3 Individual Pilates Sessions or 4 Intro to Pilates classes or previous Pilates equipment experience.



Physical activity is essential to healthy aging. Regular exercise can prevent or delay many health problems that seem to come with age. It also helps your muscles grow stronger so you can keep doing your day-to-day activities. This class is perfect for those looking for a gentle training method with lower impact. It involves a series of exercises that teach you how to activate and coordinate several muscle groups at once to increase mobility, balance and overall strength to promote longevity! Expect to leave feeling revitalized and stronger for your everyday life.


Prerequisites: You must be able to safely move and operate all Pilates equipment independently.

Mat Classes



This class focuses on key concepts for success in Pilates exercises, with a wide variety of goals, interests, and physical abilities. You will learn Reforming Foundations movement foundations, including preparing to move, stable foundations, and controlled spinal mobility. These precise exercises emphasize quality of movement in each body region and serve as building blocks to the most challenging of Pilates exercises. These foundational exercises assist with proper movement in day-to-day life and recreational activities. Every human young and old needs this class weekly! Do not be fooled! This is not an easy class.



This amped up mat Pilates class is designed to challenge you with fast paced explosive movement in our Pilates strength and conditioning class. This low impact cardio and core class combines leg and core strength and stability. We merge Pilates fundamentals with a quick series of explosive movements. Expect to work every muscle group to fatigue and build stamina, strength and endurance. Want something just as challenging without the jumping, try REFORM – MAT.



We believe core strength and stability are the foundation to every exercise. This class focuses on mat Pilates and standing bodyweight strength training to build core strength, endurance, and mobility. You will improve your mind-body connection, bone density, and balance too! These exercises strengthen your core, train you in focused breathing patterns throughout, and produce total body mobility. Mat classes will help improve your flexibility, muscle tone, balance, spinal support, performance, and mind-body awareness! Looking for more of an amped up experience try POWER – MAT.



Take your time and deepen the mobility experience in our restore class.  This class has a focus on spinal and joint mobility; and muscle recovery all with the benefits of holding sustained stretches. Find mobility, flexibility and time to feel yourself in each move as your instructor helps you focus on your breath, your mindset and your wellbeing. Feel recovered and rejuvenated in this 50-minute mat class dedicated to stretching and mobility!



Our Pilates & Barre class uniquely blends elements of dance, Pilates, and yoga to create a dynamic and challenging routine that sculpts and tones your entire body. Using the ballet barre for support, you will perform small, isometric movements and high-repetition exercises that effectively fatigue the muscles to develop a long, lean physique. The class focuses on strengthening the legs, glutes, core, and arms while also improving posture and flexibility. No dance experience is required, as the skilled instructors will guide you through the choreography step-by-step, making the class suitable for all fitness levels.



GYROKINESIS® movement focuses your breath to stimulate your parasympathetic nervous system. You will feel an overall sense of calm, well-being, and mental clarity and whether you are an athlete, fitness enthusiast, looking for longevity, or recovering from injury you will leave this class feeling more flexible, agile, and balanced.

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Pilates Class FAQs

Is Pilates like yoga?

No, but it is very complimentary to yoga! Pilates is a form of strength and bodyweight resistance training. It helps increase strength, muscle definition and improves posture. Yoga is often considered therapeutic when compared to Pilates. Pilates has a full component of mat work, but it also incorporates Pilates machines which help build strength and longevity.

I do not have experience, can I try an equipment class?

Yes! However, you must start with Intro to Pilates classes. We recommend 4 classes or 3 Individual sessions to learn how to use the equipment and the language of the method. Pilates is a little like learning a foreign language. It takes time to learn the skill and progress in a group training environment.

What equipment will we use?

We use Balance Body Reformers, jumpboards, Towers, Pilates arcs, and the Springboards, and of course, the mat! We love our props too, we believe these add a challenge and also help assist at times. These include Pilates rings, balls, bands, and free weights.

Whose teaching style will I like?

We have a wide variety of instructors on our team, some prefer a quiet sneaky burn, others exude energy when you walk in the room. But rest assured, you will get an amazing workout every time. We are like the flavors of ice cream, all different, but amazing. Try all themes for a varied experience and feel the RF way through and through.



We offer movement strategies to help you do the things you love to do.

Reforming Foundations is a perfect fit for every body at any age to increase their strength, endurance and flexibility while improving their mind body connection and developing a long-term healthier lifestyle.

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