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Located in Berkley, Michigan, Reforming Foundations is a modern Pilates studio that teaches movement strategies to help every body feel and move its best. We specialize in Pilates, Physical Therapy and Wellness Programs. Our focus is injury rehabilitation, professional athletic training, those undergoing pain or movement problems and all those looking to experience both fun and challenging Pilates PODS with a variety of wonderful people who have helped create an inclusive and supportive environment.


OUR Pilates PODS

Because our primary focus is giving our clients a safe workout focused on alignment and movement techniques, each class has a maximum capacity of 6 people. Keeping classes small allows our instructors to focus and care for each body participating in the class. We specialize in One-On-One and Semi-Private Sessions to provide individualized care and dedicated support.



We are a Pilates Studio designed for all stages of life! From professional athletes to grandparents and from postpartum mamas to professional dancers and every body in between, Reforming Foundations is a perfect fit for anyone looking to increase their strength, endurance, flexibility and mobility while improving their mind body connection.


We’re proud to support our community on their journey to strength, vitality and overall wellness through Pilates and our unique Wellness Programs.

For those who need specialized attention with injuries, chronic pain or weakness, our licensed Physical Therapists give one-on-one attention to improve movement quality and help prevent injury while improving fitness.

For those seeking recovery and rejuvenation, our deep relaxation infrared sauna heats the very core of your body for deep detoxification, skin purification, weight loss, release of harmful toxins and heavy metals, pain relief, improved circulation and more.

For those looking for sustainable lifestyle changes, our Health Coach will create a personalized program and provide a solid foundation to empower each individual to develop a long-lasting health journey.

Our Team

 » About | Brooke :


The founder and owner of Reforming Foundations, Brooke is an enthusiastic teacher. Brooke’s Pilates instruction is exquisitely tailored t......

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 » About | Cecily :


Dr. Cecily Ciaramitaro is the Director of Physical Therapy here at Reforming Foundations. She was originally drawn to Pilates because of how...

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 » About | Lindsay :


Dr. Lindsay Brandt is an advocate for high quality, patient-centered healthcare. She believes expert hands-on care, delivered one-on-one by...

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 » About | Veronica :


Veronica has danced competitively and is an award-winning dance teacher. We love her extremely-detailed eye for form and technique. Veron......

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 » About | Erin :


Erin was introduced to Pilates while studying theater and dance at the University of Michigan. She fell in love with the movement principles...

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 » About | Michelle :


Michelle is a Pilates professional having worked in the field for more than 5 years and has numerous certifications and workshops to her pro...

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 » About | Rychee :


Rychee has a true passion for movement. From the novice to the advanced student, she encourages her clients to be smart movers by identif......

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 » About | Angela :


Angela came to Pilates to help rehabilitate her own Diastasis Recti postpartum. She found a special niche here at Reforming Foundations......

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 » About | Stacey :


Stacey began practicing Pilates back in 2001 after the birth of her first son, and has been in love with this beautiful method of movement...

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 » About | Barb :


Barb describes herself as a self-professed Pilates nerd! She holds several Pilates certifications and has attended numerous specialization...

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 » About | Yvette :


Yvette was classically trained in New York and has been influenced by theater, dance and fitness. She brings her vast experience of 15 ye......

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 » About | Rebecca :


Rebecca was drawn to Pilates because of its accessibility for every body and goal. She found Pilates here at RF after her own injury and lea...

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Our Founder

Brooke fell in love with Pilates after her own personal health struggle. After repeated injuries from group fitness and athletic training, she discovered the Pilates method. She personally experienced how rehabilitative and effective this method of movement was and saw how it could help others. She introduced the method to her family and friends and watched how they also benefited from the movements.

Brooke felt compelled to create a community that supports safe and healthy movement, and in 2014, she opened Reforming Foundations. Continuing to share the joy of the Pilates experience, we are now in our second location as we continue to expand.

Our Core Values


We deliver great care because we care greatly. We actively listen to hear about your experiences and provide individualized care to meet your goals. We love people and cultivate meaningful relationships. We’re passionate about helping people live better lives, and it’s the driving force of what we do and how we do it. We support, sustain and continually create happy, successful relationships with our clients.


Reforming Foundations is welcoming and inclusive. We encourage all ages, shapes, sizes, fitness levels and movement abilities on their wellness journey. We advocate an inclusive and respectful environment. It’s important that all feel a sense of belonging, support, and care. We celebrate and respect our differences and diverse movement abilities.


Professional and true to our word, we’re disciplined in following best practices and making decisions in the best interest of our community. We believe in understanding and forgiveness, and won’t charge for missed sessions due to emergencies or other unforeseeable life circumstances.


We believe small details create a large impact. We are grateful to always be learning and growing alongside our clients. Part of our core values are to seek knowledge and pursue growth by taking the time to ask the “why?” and “how?” We believe in living by example, therefore, we strive to be the best we can on every level to both teach and inspire our clients, striving to be better than we were before.