Our Tailored Approach

Bodies are complex. They have unique features and needs. Each body requires special movements to stay healthy and thriving. This is why Reforming Foundations teaches Pilates differently. We offer unique movement strategies tailored to each person in our community as they work toward their unique goals in their lives.

This is a guiding belief of our Pilates teacher certification program. We’ve modernized the traditional repertoire to be firmly rooted in movement science. Our method offers strategies to promote healing, create strength, build endurance, and support controlled mobility, all while improving the mind-body connection. We will teach you to help clients move with confidence.

Continuing Education at Reforming Foundations


Protege Course

Want to learn at your own pace, and become Certified on your own timeline? Then elevate your learning with our personalized Pilates protege course. Gain one-on-one guidance from our esteemed founder, Brooke Alexandra, renowned for her expertise in teaching and mentorship. Ideal for those seeking focused attention and a flexible schedule.

Learn to become a Certified Pilates Instructor and dive deep into the intricacies of teaching Pilates, helping you refine your techniques, receive immediate feedback, and accelerate your growth. This course is meant for the novice, and the experienced already Certified Instructor seeking more understanding. Book a free discovery call with Brooke to learn more about one-on-one protege course.

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2024 Cohort

Join a vibrant community of aspiring Pilates instructors in our exclusive 2024 cohort. Immerse yourself in collaborative learning, where you’ll engage with fellow trainees, exchange insights, and build lasting connections. Our structured curriculum covers a comprehensive range of topics, ensuring you develop a well-rounded skill set. From group discussions to shared accomplishments, the cohort experience fosters a sense of belonging and accountability. Apply now to secure your spot and embark on a transformative journey together in the upcoming year.

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Pilates Teacher Training for a Purposeful Career in Movement

We want you to learn to teach Pilates to every body. Our Pilates course is designed for those seeking a rewarding career as a skilled movement professional. It is also for licensed healthcare providers who wish to enhance their existing practice. Through our instructional methods, supporting training video platform, and course materials we help you become an exceptional health leader.

Join our community! Reforming Foundations is an inclusive, collaborative, and encouraging learning environment. We are passionate about providing an individualized approach to help you meet your goals. We are here to build long-lasting connections within our community by cultivating and nurturing relationships.

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What You Will Learn In Our Course

Join our Pilates teacher training program at Reforming Foundations School of Pilates and gain valuable knowledge and skills:

  • Accessible and safe exercises for all body types.
  • Deep understanding of exercise purposes, primary muscles worked, and joint/muscle flexibility.
  • Progression, regression, and modification techniques for all exercises.
  • Posture and dynamic movement teaching, along with verbal and tactile cues for clients.
  • Anatomic and biomechanical principles to reduce injuries and improve effectiveness.
  • Studio ethics, professional behavior, and collaboration strategies with other professionals.
  • Learn to teach in a way that helps clients reach their goals.
  • Gain the strength and support of the Reforming Foundations community.
  • And much more!


This online learning module begins 2 months before your program year starts and is to be completed by the start of Intro to Pilates and Movement Foundations.  This module is divided into 3 courses: the lower extremity, the upper extremity and the spine. You will learn joint movement and to train your clients with respect to these concepts. This Pilates course includes your own personal access to the Visible Body anatomy app during your course enrollment.


This course focuses on key concepts for success in teaching Pilates exercises, with a wide variety of goals, interests, and physical abilities. You will learn Reforming Foundations movement foundations, including preparing to move, stable foundations, and controlled spinal mobility. These precise exercises emphasize quality of movement in each body region and serve as building blocks to the most challenging of Pilates exercises. These foundational exercises assist with proper movement in day-to-day life and recreational activities.


Learn to help people find controlled spinal mobility and improved muscle flexibility in this course. It emphasizes injury prevention and protection of the spinal joints and associated nerves. You will also learn essential building blocks such as the Reforming Foundations Method for designing classes, the art of cueing, how to use physical touch to correct movement dysfunction, and how to build community in your classes. This results in Pilates classes and sessions that are safe, successful, and fun.


At Reforming Foundations, we believe core strength and stability is the foundation to every exercise. You will learn the classical mat Pilates repertoire and standing/bodyweight exercises necessary for strength training, bone density, and mobility. Learn Pilates exercises on the Spine Corrector®, the West Coast Arc® and the Pilates Arc®. All three of these Pilates barrels have different degrees of the arc. You will see how these barrels help provide feedback to the spine to improve mobility while developing strength. In addition, we incorporate various Pilates props (Ultra-Fit Circle®, bands, free weights, foam rollers, balls, etc.) to both assist and challenge the exercises.


Our training continues by learning how to program small group classes. You will learn the classical Pilates order and our why and how Reforming Foundations is revolutionizing Pilates for the 21st century. We designed a very specific framework to help take all the confusion out of class programming. In this Pilates course, you will learn how to program your classes to teach Pilates at all levels, from a first-time student to an elite athlete.


In this module you will learn classical trapeze exercises, along with therapeutic strength and balance exercises. This modern piece of exercise equipment is a long raised table with various springs. It is like a Pilates playground, designed to rig up every sort of spring configuration to assist a movement or to challenge balance and stability. The original design was invented from rigging up springs to a hospital bed to help assist movement. You will also learn how to adapt the trapeze table exercises to the Springboard® for group class programming. This springboard was designed by Ellie Herman. It is attached to the wall to save space and allow for Trapeze exercise training in groups.


You will learn foundational and neutral spine exercises on the reformer, taught the Reforming Foundations way. This includes the classical Pilates repertoire with the addition of Reforming Foundations movement foundations applied in order to execute precise movement patterns during every exercise. Exercises are broken up into five sections: abdominals, lower body, upper body, full body, and mobility. Learning these exercises teaches you to start thinking about effective programming for your client sessions. This is the Reforming Foundations method of movement. You will learn how to use reformers designed by Balanced Body, including the Allegro 2®. This more athletic style reformer is most frequently used in class-based studios. You will also learn to use the Clinical® Reformer, which is designed for both rehabilitation and an athletic challenge.


In the second weekend of reformer training you will learn to program classes using multiple pieces of Pilates equipment. You will learn to use the cardio jumpboard, a fun apparatus added to the reformer for an athletic challenge in plyometrics. This is good for cardio, strength, and endurance training. We will also cover reformer progressions and advanced movement skills.


You will learn chair exercise on the EXO Chair®, which is more commonly used in the class environment, and the split pedal Combo Chair® with handles. The chair exercises provide an athletic challenge, support longevity and balance in our aging population, and support a Pilates program for prenatal moms-to-be. We will teach you program classes with chair equipment and mat exercises.

You will also learn the Ladder Barrel. It is a wonderful apparatus for strength and mobility in the core. It is also designed to provide feedback for improved spinal mobility. It’s a standalone piece of equipment with a large barrel and has a system of ladder rungs to provide stability and support. In this module, you will learn ladder barrel exercises along with therapeutic mobility stretches. You will also learn how to make use of the ladder barrel in individual session programming.


We will teach you to assess dynamic movement patterns so you can correct client dysfunction. You will learn to design programs that build strength, produce endurance, improve mobility, and challenge balance. Your sessions will provide a safe, challenging, and quality movement experience, allowing you to deliver an amazing experience every session or class you teach!

Meet Your Instructors


Brooke Alexandra

Founder of Reforming Foundations, Co-author

Lead Educator, Brooke, has studied Pilates repertoire through multiple comprehensive programs and continuing education courses. Through her training she has explored her own cues, modifications, and nuances. She is passionate about sharing her unique techniques, and wants to expand them beyond the walls of Reforming Foundations. Brooke is an enthusiastic teacher who enthusiastically tailors her sessions to every person – from the fitness professional to the aging grandparent. Brooke is detail-oriented and loves teaching about the human body. Passionate about sharing her knowledge, she has created a unique group of instructors who work as a cohesive team. Brooke’s former career was in dentistry. During 19 years in the field, she learned to care for others, work with a team, and communicate with people from diverse backgrounds. Brooke began practicing Pilates to help her husband recover after cancer treatment in their early 30s. Brooke was thoroughly impressed with the rehabilitative qualities she witnessed for Aaron, and she loved the intense yet fun workout that brought awareness to her own body! Brooke took the STOTT Pilates teacher training program in Bloomfield Hills. She then completed her advanced training and became a specialist in athletic training and rehabilitation. As she developed her skills, she discovered the Madeline Black Method, which approaches practice from a biomechanical perspective, focusing on what muscles need improved flexibility or strength to produce certain movements. These key concepts and techniques learned helped Brooke to become known as a “body mechanic.” Later, she met and trained with Jean Sullivan from A Body of Work in San Francisco. Jean became a mentor and dear friend to Brooke, and Reforming Foundations hosted Jean and Madeline’s teacher training program “ITT Pilates” from 2018 to 2020. Sadly, the pandemic halted Jean’s monthly teaching trips to Detroit and Reforming Foundations was left without an instructor training program. As the pandemic regulations loosened, Brooke worked with Dr. Lindsay Brandt to create the Reforming Foundations School of Pilates Teacher Training program.

Dr. Lindsay Brandt,

DPT, OMPT, ACSM-CEP,DScPT(c) Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy

Dr. Lindsay Brandt teaches at Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan, in the entry-level Doctor of Physical Therapy program and the Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy post-professional residency. She brings a deep love for educating patients and movement professionals alike, and has more than two decades of combined education and experience in movement and rehabilitation. Lindsay has worked with a wide variety of orthopedic injuries and conditions, and has a rich background in heart and lung disease research. She is passionate about using manual therapy and smart movement strategies to improve quality of life for those with chronic conditions. An advocate for high-quality, patient-centered healthcare, Lindsay enjoys guiding patients through recovery processes and providing movement strategies to prevent future injury. Lindsay discovered Pilates several years ago as a client at Reforming Foundations and began integrating Pilates into her clinical practice. She found it to be essential for retraining key movement patterns and avoiding undesirable stress to the body. Through the Reforming Foundations School of Pilates Teacher Training program, Lindsay shares successful movement principles and advocates for a partnership between physical therapists and Pilates instructors. She believes those trained in the Reforming Foundations method can support the rehabilitation and long-term wellness goals of a wide variety of movers.


Your job should elevate you and make your life better! You should enjoy the benefits of flexible schedules, invest in yourself, and do meaningful work. Come experience the joy of Pilates with Reforming Foundations!



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