RFF Foundations Class


Without a solid foundation, the bricks you begin to lay as you advance your pilates practice will not be secure. Given the name of our studio, it should come as no surprise that we take a properly formed foundation seriously.

Our Foundations class prepares you with the fundamental knowledge and skills you will need as you progress into faster-paced classes. This is not to say that the Foundations class is easy. In fact, the more advanced you are, the harder this class will be. The Foundations class puts heavy emphasis on correct form, intentional movement, addressing asymmetries and correcting your posture. In classes taught at a faster pace with more complicated maneuvers, these key fundamentals are harder to target and correct. If you want to possess greater intuition with your body, our Foundations class is key.

What to Expect in a Foundations Pilates Class

This class is one of our most universally appealing classes, as it offers a challenge for both the advanced practitioner and someone with less experience. It is designed to help you learn the Pilates method of movement, the Pilates language of cues and imagery, and how to feel your body move in space. This class uses a variety of pieces of Pilates equipment, including Pilates Reformers, Chairs, Towers and Springboards™, Pilates Barrels, and other small props. Each class is 50 minutes. You can expect to walk out feeling stronger, limber, balanced and in tune with your body. Unlike many other types of exercise, there is no need for you to stretch beforehand. Mobility balanced with strength is a primary focus of Pilates practice.

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Before the Foundations Class

We provide everything you need to get started, so no need to bring any equipment! Reforming Foundations has thick Pilates mats, equipment, fresh towels, and reverse-osmosis-filtered water. Plus, each new client will receive a complimentary pair of Pilates socks that we require for safety. The socks have grips on the sole of the foot, helping you stay stable and balanced on the smooth and potentially slippery equipment.

After the Foundations Class

Don’t be surprised if you are sore in muscles you didn’t even know you had! Pilates Foundations classes can demand more from your body than usual. Be sure to drink plenty of water and get the rest your body needs. The Foundations class is not just for Pilates beginners. Even the most seasoned Pilates practitioner needs time to focus on the basics. Pilates Foundations classes often allow you to push through barriers as you prioritize precision, tune into the individual muscle groups, and focus on your body’s movement. The work you do in this class is extremely beneficial and highly recommended as a compliment to other classes. The better your base, the more you will excel in faster-paced classes. Given the name of our studio, it should come as no surprise that we take a properly formed foundation seriously. To feel more centered, focused and flexible, reserve a spot in one of our Foundations classes. Pilates beginners can contact the studio to arrange a new client session and begin reforming your foundation.


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