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CEO | Founder | Educator

Brooke Alexandra is the CEO & Founder of Reforming Foundations (RF) Pilates & Wellness, RF BURN Infrared Pilates and the RF School of Pilates. Reforming Foundations was born in 2014 out of Brooke’s desire to share all that she learned and felt in her own body through Pilates, first with friends and family, and then her community.

Brooke is a nationally certified Pilates teacher through the NCPT. Her constant quest for more knowledge and excellence led her to explore the Pilates repertoire through multiple comprehensive Pilates training programs and continuing education courses. She applied this education to her teaching, while adding her own cues, modifications, and nuance. The positive response to her teaching inspired Brooke to share it beyond the walls of RF, leading her and co-author Dr. Lindsay Brandt to develop the RF School of Pilates Teacher Training program.

Brooke is an enthusiastic teacher and tailors her instruction to each individual from the fit professional to the everyday grandparent. She also applies Pilates in service of professional athletic conditioning and sports specific rehabilitation. Brooke loves to educate people about their bodies and their abilities during each session, helping them learn to apply the Pilates method in support of doing the things they love to do!

Brooke’s mission with the RF School of Pilates Teacher Training program is to expand RF to other communities with highly trained movement professionals. Brooke is committed to developing careers with generous pay and amazing benefits for her growing team. She is a Pilates industry pioneer in offering health insurance, Simple IRA with a 3% match, paid time off, paid holidays, and support for continuing education.