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Certified Instructor

Kayli fell in love with Pilates after her first session with Brooke in the fall of 2021. She was referred by her physical therapist to help aid with her healing process. While working on her own body, Kayli decided to enroll in Reforming Foundations School of Pilates and was Certified in 2022. With her background in occupational therapy, she is an expert at coaching proper form and noticing small details that will help you achieve positive changes in your body. Kayli and her husband Grant have experienced the greatest challenges and joys of parenthood. They have a son, Grant, and a daughter, Everleigh, who has Down Syndrome. These personal life experiences have shaped her into a joyous soul, and she emanates her exuberance in her teaching. You will walk out of your session happier and with a smile for the rest of your day!