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Nationally Certified Pilates Instructor

As a lifelong athlete, Laura was always interested in studying movement. Once she completed her bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology, she had a desire to help people improve their physical well-being. She began her career working with cardiac and pulmonary patients and found it very rewarding, but chose to take a hiatus to raise a family. Laura discovered Pilates when she was having issues in her own body, and fell in love with how it made her feel. Laura holds two comprehensive Pilates certifications, the most recent being our RF School of Pilates program. She also has advanced training in Pilates for neurological conditions and breast cancer. Laura is passionate about the Pilates form of movement and finding ways to help people improve their ability to move and feel better. She enjoys being creative and coming up with new and unique ways to use Pilates equipment and props without losing the tried and true methods to build strength, balance, and flexibility. Laura is a mother of four, and has been happily married for over 35 years to her husband Steve. She is one of the Jacket Gals from the University of Michigan, as well as one of the last varsity scholarship athletes for synchronized swimming (now artistic swimming).