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Founder of Reforming Foundations, Co-author

Your Lead Educator Brooke, has explored the Pilates repertoire through multiple comprehensive training programs and continuing education courses, all while adding her own cues, modifications and nuance to her teaching. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge, and after seeing people respond positively to her work, she is driven to share it beyond the walls of Reforming Foundations.

Dr. Lindsay


As an Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapist and full-time faculty member at Oakland University, Lindsay has a great love for educating patients and movement professionals alike. She believes a partnership between physical therapists and Pilates instructors trained in the RF method is an ideal approach for supporting the rehabilitation and long-term wellness goals of clients with neuromusculoskeletal conditions.

The Pilates Teacher training you need to have a purposeful career in movement

Teaching Pilates isn’t just about memorizing choreography and breath patterns, it’s about learning how to help people find specific and quality movement. These skills help people you work with to live fuller lives, this in turn creates a fulfilling career that gives your life meaning and purpose.

At Reforming Foundations School of Pilates we are invested in your success. We will teach you Pilates the Reforming Foundations way. This involves learning to develop a critical thinking eye and the ability to hone an exercise and session for each person. You will graduate knowing how to teach Pilates to every body. We set you up for a successful career!

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Learn to Teach Pilates To Every Body

Our course is designed for those seeking a rewarding career as a skilled movement professional and for licensed healthcare providers who wish to enhance their practice.


Join Our Learning Community

RF is an inclusive, collaborative, and encouraging learning environment. We are invested in you to help you become an exceptional movement professional.


Share Your Vision With Others

Learn to teach every body with us and revolutionize the traditional form of Pilates. You will find mastery in your teaching ability and a purposeful career in movement.


  • The Pilates repertoire that includes exercises modified through evidence based research to make them accessible and safe for today’s body
  • A deep understanding of each exercise including:
    • Purpose
    • Primary muscles working
    • Joint & muscle flexibility needed for correct performance
    • Progression, regression, modifications, contraindications/precautions
  • Posture and movement observation skills
  • Verbal & tactile cues to help clients reach their full potential in a desired movement
  • Key anatomic and biomechanical principles for reducing injury risk and improving effectiveness
  • Individual and class programming strategies for in-person and virtual client sessions
  • Studio ethics, Pilates instructor scope of practice, and professional behavior
  • Collaboration strategies between certified Pilates instructors and healthcare professionals to support optimal client success

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RF School of Pilates Teacher Training

There are two different pathways to start learning with us! Sign up for our full comprehensive course or start with Pilates Foundations and add the Pilates Repertoire the next program year.

Pilates Foundations 

Learn the foundations of movement and principles of Pilates. This course is perfect for the physical therapist, physical therapy assistant, personal trainer, yoga instructor, already certified Pilates instructor, or anyone who wants to fine tune their own movement practice and learn how to find quality, precise movement in their own body! This course is approved for 32 continuing education contact hours APTA-MI and 32 NCPT continuing education credits.

Our mission is to have everyone feel our method in their body and use this course as a basis for their personal practice. We believe it will provide a solid foundation for all movement for every body, no matter your profession or goals.

Course includes: Anatomy Review, Intro to Pilates and Movement Foundations; Mobility, Injury Prevention, and Sciatic Nerve Considerations 

Pilates Repertoire 

Learn Pilates the Reforming Foundations way! This course builds on the knowledge already gained in RFTT Pilates Foundations and teaches you Pilates on and off the equipment. We not only teach you mat Pilates but also functional fitness exercises in our Bodyweight & Props course. You will also learn Pilates exercises on all of the apparatus.

Course Includes: Bodyweight & Props, Small Barrels, Trapeze, Springboard®, Ladder Barrel, Reformer Foundations, Reformer Progressions and Cardio Jumpboard, Exo Chair® & Combo® Chair, and Movement Assessment and Program Design.


Pathway One

Comprehensive 500 hour course. Includes everything you need to certify at RF School of Pilates and nationally with the National Certification for Pilates Teachers board exam. Upon graduation, you will be ready to start your new career in movement.


Pathway Two

Start with Pilates Foundations, learn anatomy for Pilates instructors, Intro to Pilates and Movement Foundations, Mobility, Injury Prevention, and Sciatic Nerve Considerations. Add the rest of the Pilates Repertoire modules at a later time. See below for a complete list of training weekend courses.

Tuition Includes Everything

Yes!!! You read that right! One fee includes everything. At Reforming Foundations, we believe in clear pricing, our program will not nickel and dime you to death. One fee includes everything, even the RF certification process.


Individual Pilates sessions


Pilates classes

Our curriculum includes


Learning Tools

Interactive online anatomy course for Pilates instructors including your personal access to Visible Body anatomy app. All teaching manuals both in full color print and in digital format through an interactive online learning platform. Study with Brooke through our video library of her teaching every exercise.


Support & Access

Learn with our educators every training weekend! Attend weekly mentoring to practice your teaching skills. Connect to the RF teaching community through our internal Slack channel and to your questions answered within 24 hours.  You will also have full access to the studio during the entire program for observation, self-practice, and practice teaching.



One more benefit to help you feel our method in your body, you will receive 15% off all services during your entire learning experience with us. This includes all Pilates sessions, classes, and retail merchandise.

*excludes some merchandise

Program Curriculum

Anatomy for Pilates Instructors

When: Online learning module starts November 15, 2022. This is to be completed by the start of Intro to Pilates and Movement Foundations on January 20, 2023. What you will learn: Key anatomical terms and concepts related to human movement. This module is divided into 3 courses; the lower extremity, the upper extremity, and the spine. You will learn the language of anatomy, how to organize joint movement and how to train your client with respect to these concepts. This course includes your own personal access to the Visible Body anatomy app during your course enrollment.


When: January 20-22, 2023  What you will learn: Key concepts for success in teaching Pilates exercises to clients with a wide variety of goals, interests, and physical abilities. You will learn RF Movement Foundations including concepts related to preparing to move, stable foundations, and controlled spinal mobility. These precise exercises emphasize quality of movement in each body region and serve as building blocks to the most challenging of Pilates exercises. These foundational exercises assist with proper movement in day-to-day life and recreational activities.


When: February 3-5, 2023  What you will learn: Learn to help clients find controlled spinal mobility and improved muscle flexibility with emphasis on injury prevention and protection of the spinal joints and associated nerves. You will also learn essential building blocks such as the RF Method for designing classes, the art of cueing, how to use tacile cues to correct movement dysfunction, and how to build community in your classes. This results in Pilates classes and sessions that are safe, successful, and fun.


When: February 24-26, 2023 What you will learn: At RF, we teach Pilates differently. We believe core strength and stability is the foundation to every exercise. You will learn the classical mat Pilates repertoire but also standing and bodyweight exercises necessary for strength training, bone density, and mobility. Learn Pilates exercises on the Spine Corrector®, the West Coast Arc® and the Pilates Arc®. All three of these Pilates barrels have different degrees of the arc and you will see how these barrels provide feedback to the spine to improve mobility while developing strength. In addition, we incorporate various Pilates props (Ultra-Fit Circle®, bands, free weights, foam rollers, balls, etc.) to both assist and challenge the exercises.


When: March 17-19, 2023 What you will learn: Our training continues with learning more exercises and how to program small group classes. You will learn the classical Pilates order and our why and how RF is revolutionizing Pilates for the 21st century.  We designed a very specific framework to help take all the hard work out of class programming. In this course, you will learn a how to program your classes to teach Pilates at all levels from a first time student to an elite athlete.


When: April 14-16, 2023 May 5-6, 2023 What you will learn: In this module you will learn classical trapeze exercises, along with therapeutic strength and balance exercises. This modern piece of exercise equipment is a long raised table designed to rig up every sort of spring configuration to assist a movement or to challenge balance and stability. Joseph Pilates original design was invented from rigging up springs to a hospital bed to help assist movement.  You will also learn how to adapt the Trapeze table exercises to the Springboard® for group class programming. This Springboard® was designed by Ellie Herman and is attached to the wall and is a space saving solution to allow for Trapeze exercises to be taught in small groups.


When: May 7, 2023 What you will learn: The Ladder Barrel is a wonderful apparatus for core strength and mobility. It is a stand alone piece of equipment with a large barrel and has a system of ladder rungs to provide stability and support. In this module, you will learn Ladder Barrel exercises along with therapeutic mobility stretches. The Ladder Barrel is designed to provide feedback for improved spinal mobility. You will also learn how to make use of the Ladder Barrel in individual session programming.


When: June 2-4, 2023 What you will learn:  You will learn Foundational and neutral spine exercises on the Reformer taught the RF way. This includes the classical Pilates repertoire with the addition of RF Movement Foundations applied to execute precise movement patterns in every exercise. You will learn how to use both the Allegro 2® and Clinical® Reformers in many creative ways to provide movement strategies for wide variety of client populations.


When: June 23-25, 2023 What you will learn: In this second weekend of Reformer training we expand with Reformer progressions and more advanced movement skills. You will also learn how to use the Cardio Jumpboard on the Reformer for an athletic challenge resulting in cardio, strength, and endurance. You will also learn how to program your classes using multiple pieces of Pilates equipment.


When: July 14-16, 2023 What you will learn: You will learn chair exercise on the EXO Chair® and the split pedal Combo Chair®. We will teach you how to teach these exercises in combination with mat exercises for class programming.  This programming will allow you to provide chair exercise to provide an athletic challenge, support longevity and balance in our aging population, and support a Pilates program for prenatal moms-to-be.


When: August 11-13, 2023  What you will learn: We will teach you to assess dynamic movement patterns and you will learn what choices to make for successful programming of your sessions and classes. This will result in your ability to use your critical eye to help your clients correct movement dysfunction. You will also learn to design programs that build strength, produce endurance, improve mobility, and challenge balance. We will teach you how to conduct, program, and progress Pilates sessions for all. You will learn more about building successful classes and sessions that provide a safe, challenging, and quality movement experience. This results in your confidence to deliver an amazing experience every session or class you teach!


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