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Certified Instructor

Rebecca started her Pilates journey at RF after a mutual client recommended enrolling in our Teacher Training program. As a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, NASM Certified Nutrition Coach, NASM Women Specific Coach, NASM Weight Loss Specialist, Rebecca’s style & approach tends to lean more towards athletic and fitness movement. By adding Pilates to her arsenal of certifications, Rebecca is able to create a unique fitness and movement experience that can be tailored to your goals and needs. Rebecca believes that intentional movement is necessary in order for us to function at our best in our daily life, and that there is an exercise style for everyone. She loves everything about fitness and it makes her happy to help others achieve their goals. Rebecca has found a niche in helping women who are serious about fitness and women who may be struggling to find balance with menopause and staying fit. Rebecca is also a NASM Youth Exercise Specialist, TRX, Girls on the Run certified coach and loves working with kids. Fun fact: her favorite place on earth is out in the woods on a trail running, hiking or biking.