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At Reforming Foundations, everyone lives and breathes Pilates. We take pride in our Instructors, and together, our team holds many differing certifications in multiple disciplines of fitness and wellness. All of our Pilates Instructors are Nationally Certified Pilates Trainers, and our collective credentials include training from the PhysicalMind Institute, Balance Body, Pilates Center in Boulder, STOTT, ITT Pilates and Madeline Black. We look forward to sharing our knowledge and experience with you!

 » Our Team | Brooke :


The founder and owner of Reforming Foundations, Brooke is an enthusiastic teacher. Brooke’s Pilates instruction is exquisitely tailored t......

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 » Our Team | Cecily :


Dr. Cecily Ciaramitaro is the Director of Physical Therapy here at Reforming Foundations. She was originally drawn to Pilates because of how...

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 » Our Team | Lindsay :


Dr. Lindsay Brandt is an advocate for high quality, patient-centered healthcare. She believes expert hands-on care, delivered one-on-one by...

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 » Our Team | Michelle :


Michelle is a Pilates professional having worked in the field for more than 5 years and has numerous certifications and workshops to her......

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 » Our Team | Melissa :


Melissa’s expertise, experiences, and enthusiasm will help you transform your body. As a professional dancer - experiencing pain, limitation...

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 » Our Team | Veronica :


Veronica has danced competitively and is an award-winning dance teacher. We love her extremely-detailed eye for form and technique. Veron......

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 » Our Team | Erin :


Erin was introduced to Pilates while studying theater and dance at the University of Michigan. She fell in love with the movement principles...

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 » Our Team | Rychee :


Rychee has a true passion for movement. From the novice to the advanced student, she encourages her clients to be smart movers by identif......

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 » Our Team | Angela :


Angela came to Pilates to help rehabilitate her own Diastasis Recti postpartum. She found a special niche here at Reforming Foundations......

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 » Our Team | Stacey :


Stacey began practicing Pilates back in 2001 after the birth of her first son, and has been in love with this beautiful method of movement...

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 » Our Team | Barb :


Barb describes herself as a self-professed Pilates nerd! She holds several Pilates certifications and has attended numerous specialization...

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 » Our Team | Rebecca :


Rebecca was drawn to Pilates because of its accessibility for every body and goal. She found Pilates here at RF after her own injury and lea...

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